Realistic Pricing and Redressing as Keys for London Real Estate Property this Year


Hoping for more Realistic Pricing and Redressing this 2018

Welcome to the Junaid Iqbal Memon blog. Junaid is an established real estate developer, he is the man behind the Could 9 Group which was founded in 2014. Coming from a business-oriented company, he is always looking into new investment opportunities. At present, he has several successful residential properties to his name and presently manages and owns several businesses in Dubai and London. Here, he shares the latest updates and trends concerning the real estate market.

Last year was a turbulent one for the luxury housing market in London. However, local agents are hoping for a better and more active 2018. In fact, even the latter part of 2017 was considerably busier than what was initially predicted.

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The previous year was a messy year for the luxury real estate market in London. As a result, a lot of sellers and buyers waited until the very last minute before making the decision to finalise their transactions. This means that agents had to work double time, especially during the holiday season. Many of them think that with the new year, there should be an increase in the volume of sales despite the more modest prices.

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There seems to be an improvement in the atmosphere especially when it comes to the clarity on the direction that Brexit is heading and this has caused both sellers and buyers to have more confidence. This has also stirred the real estate market as a result. With March 2019 looming as the set date for the exit of the UK from the European Union, it is so much easier for people to get their plans laid out. This is also the reason why more and more people are preparing for what is going to be a busy year next year.

Inquiries were also up by 30% last year’s end of the year. These numbers also include a considerable number of actions, especially on the rental side. The unsurely that a lot of people have been feeling then due to the impending Brexit and how unclear things were made people look into rentals as a result. Even despite the fact that business is not really quite altogether, the winter months which were expected to be slower, are still considered as a time for firms to work with both sellers and buyers to come up with strategies that will make their properties become more appealing. This can include getting properties freshened up as well as ensuring that they are priced just right.
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Among the things that can be done to make properties more appealing are re-photographing it, redressing it, as well as creating new marketing strategies to sell it faster. Redressing can mean reducing the clutter, changing the curtains, and even slapping up new paint on the walls.

Some experts also recommend that sellers make some minor improvements. Staging their homes to enhance its prospects for early sale is also not a bad idea. Many serious inquiries surface during the early parts of the new year as this is when sellers and buyers start to get their plans, visions, and objectives implemented.

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Pricing is also very important to sell or buy a property. According to the experts, setting the price right means making sure that it is not set way too high. It is always a challenge though to determine what price is the right price. What sellers should remember is that the right price needs to be realistic and competitive at the same time or they will just end up chasing their own tail as a result.

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