Croydon Council is Altering Plans for Development Site


Junaid Iqbal Memon Shares Why Croydon Council is Altering Plans for Development Site

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Fairfield Halls is set to feature more homes

In today’s post, we’ll talk about why Croydon Council is altering its plans for a major mixed-use development in the town centre after it failed to assemble all the land needed for the scheme.
Croydon Council is modifying its plans for a major mixed-use development in the town centre after it failed to collect all the land required for the plan. 

The council in-house development company, Brick by Brick, got a layout arranging consent for the £44m College Green masterplan last February 2017, as well as a detailed consent for a first phase compromising 218 homes. 

The plan is based on the revamped Fairfield Halls arts venue, but also takes in surrounding structures and land that the committee procured from various parties. 

Brick by Brick had been in discourse to secure an annex building right in the center of the site from Croydon College, which has its primary grounds neighboring the development site. However, Property Week has discovered that the college has now sold the property to a private developer – comprehended to be housebuilder Stonegate Homes – rather than Brick by Brick, leading it to reassess its plans ready for the site. 

Brick by Brick will no longer build up a new campus on the site as recently arranged, and will no longer be able to obtain the college present building, which has the capacity limit up to 1,500 private units. This implies its initial plan for 2,000 Brick by Brick units in general site will be unviable, however, it is currently increasing the number of homes to be delivered in the primary period of the plan from 218 in the first application to around 380. 

This will be accomplished mostly by expanding the height of the residential tower planned for the site, which has an endorsement of 29 stories at present. The council has also appointed Common Ground Architects to design a new residential building. Colm Lacey, CEO of Brick by Brick, said that different locales approaching in the territory implied that lodging numbers "could draw near to that number".  The chamber engineer expects to present another arranging application for the site right off the bat in the new year.

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